Be a Mayor in SimCity BuildIt Android

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SimCity BuildIt game for android lets you to be a “mayor” whose job is building a stunning and festive town where the people will flourish. Your citizens’ needs would be increasing in line with the complexity of the town that you build. And the happiness of your citizens depends on your effort. Actually this app is purchase app, but it also offers the in app purchases.

  • Build Your City

SimCity BuildIt android is the most realistic city builder game in mobile device which provides you vivid, 3D-quality graphics and countless buildings. You have to place the buildings strategically in order to keep your city growing and the taxes flowing. You can play this game either online or offline by pinching, zooming, rotating 360 degrees as you wish to manage and expand your city.

  • Bring Your City to Life

You have to create some resources and also build up your skyline. And then, you can trade those resources with friends and other cities. You can complete the quest such as complete ship cargo and boat orders from your airport. If you level is high enough, you can build Tokyo-style neighborhood and the exclusive buildings will be unlocked such as the Arc de Triomphe and Empire State Building. Decorate your city with some decorative stuff in the beach like a water park, marina, and many more. Moreover, you can unleash natural and unnatural disasters like UFO’s to make the game more interesting.

  • Keep Your Citizens Happy

Since this SimCity BuildIt Android is considered as the most realistic game, the real problems will come to your city, and you have to overcome them immediately to keep your citizens happy. The problems would be pollution, fires, and traffic. Provide some facilities such as police departments, fire companies, and else. Your job is keeping the traffic moving with some streetcars that is in grand avenues.

There are some new features that come with the new version of this game. You can build a Wedding Hall, and celebrate a party with your citizens in the Sim’s Night Club. There are Casino City Sign and Casino City Park to welcome and amuse your citizens. You can boost the population of your citizen by increasing education and the number of parks. And also, you can play the Snake Eyes Casinos and Lucky Spade to become a high-roller. You can get Las Vegas buildings after signup by unlocking limited-time Casinos in Contest of Mayors Season 4.

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