SimCity BuildIt Unlimited Money Mod Apk

Some people may make mistake in assuming that Simcity buildit hack apk and mod apk is having the same concept. The hack apk and mod apk is basically different. You cannot use the simcity buildit mod apk to cheat your original simcity buildit game application downloaded from android’s playstore.


When you use simcity buildit hack apk, you will use the hack tool to cheat the game currency (simcash, simoleons, or golden keys) with your desired amount in your original simcity buildit game. Meanwhile, simcity buildit mod apk is an unofficial simcity buildit game application which has been modified with hacked codes to provide you unlimited simcash, simoleon, or golden keys from the beginning of the game. It means that you will start your new game account with hacked amount of game currency for your city building needs using the simcity buildit mod. Therefore you cannot use the mod to hack your registered simcity buildit account from the official game application.



Things to remember when you play simcity buildit with mod


Play simcity with mod is slightly different in its step when you use simcity buildit hack apk to hack your already installed simcity buildit game application. You are required to follow the steps of the hacking with hack tool before you open your simcity buildit game with hacked simcash, simoleon, or any other features.


When you play simcity buildit with mod, you only need to download and install the simcity buildit mod apk first from any website which can provide the modified game application. It means that you are not going to play the simcity buildit game from the official android’s playsore service.


After you finish the installation, you have to disconnect your internet first then you can start the installed simcity buildit with mod application. You can reconnect the internet after the loading finished and the city is shown on your display. You will see that the simcash and simoleon have been already in more than 4 digits of amount. Quite different with using simcity buildit hack apk, isn’t it?